Wednesday 19 May 2021

Market Supply Zone - We Sold All Positions BEFORE Market Tanked, Profits up $331,000 SGD

At one point my profits was up like $331,000 SGD before my portfolio hits $457,000 and the whole market started to fumbled. We are actively selling shares yesterday as the market touched a super critical supply zone with heavy amount of sellers. I thought it was a wise thing to sell shares and reaped off profits first since I knew the stocks are coming down in the next few days. Woke up in the morning, indeed, the Dow and Nasdaq reversed last evening gains and falter with fear and desperate. The decision to sell yesterday was spot on and to be able to make $$ together with my group of traders, the feeling of winning and confidence is pipping high. The key to make $$ consistently is to make sure one knows how to read the supply/demand zone for the short term and act accordingly when the timing is right. So that's what I did last evening and the rewards spoke for itself.

Ron K - A Game Changer

Friday 23 April 2021

Bitcoin - Where is It Heading To?

Bitcoin is heading downwards since it touched the $64,384 high. The instrument was heavily chased by a lot of retails and also Elon Musk was tweeting back then to move prices higher where Tesla bought into Bitcoin too. Since then, there was a frenzy over Bitcoin and it seemed as though everyone was wildly buying it without much IQ in the chart as to where the instrument was. Actually, many big whales were dumping at the high because there was profit taking 2 times together with a 3/4 and chp 4. Soon, it took a while before all that dumping action started to show their true colors and as of now, it's further crashing down. So where is it heading towards? In the short term, it might touch down a little more first before rebounding back up. It might be time to go long for a short term play before selling it back down again.

Ron K - A Game Changer

Thursday 8 April 2021

Ron K - My USD Trust Account in UOB Kayhian at $3,651,584 USD

Another good month since starting of January 2021 where the market was somewhat easy to trade to now where it's getting so treacherous as not many stocks ran together with the overall Nasdaq and the Dow Jones. Still, I am producing results after results since trading the US market last year in Feb 2020. It's my 121th trade and so far where I made just one small loss of $17,000 + USD plus but made more than $3m USD maybe in the stock market. To be honest, I don't really calculate how much profits I made till date but rather as long as I don't lose $$, my job is done. Been using the Top 30 Volume in Nasdaq and NYSE to aid me in scanning the best stocks and so far so accurate as most of the stocks I picked normally produced efficacy results I yearned. So as of today April 8th, my UOB Trust account stands at $3,651,584 USD which I am proud to say US Stock Market is the way to go in the future. Did a small 1 min talk and looking forward to see you all in my LIVE Trading soon.

Ron K - A Game Changer

Friday 12 March 2021

Ron K - Breakthrough With Traders and Performance

Another breakthrough performance with my clients and traders as they are looking forward to gain confidence in themselves and also looking to increase their profits tremendously. See, the ultimate end goal in trading is making $$ but also in gaining a high income skill because the best investment is investing in yourself. The more skillful you are, the better you become in making $$. Remember, an investment in knowledge pays the best interests and dividend and nothing beats confidence building. The market is hot and one should waste opportunities punting good stocks since the signals were pretty obvious. Working in a cafe allows you to sift through all blathering and when it comes to the real battle, execution is the key even while noises are floating around. Congrats to all my traders and clients!

Ron K - A Game Changer

Wednesday 3 March 2021

Zoom - Profited $6137, Lost $1021

Superb trade in Zoom as my student bought before the results and managed to profit $6137 but lost $1021. Zoom released results and the stock shot up. My student got in 1 day before the results and luckily he sold off yesterday as the stock gap up on good earnings but later got sold down 9%. The key is to know where retailers are chasing and where big players are looking to sell. As you can see the most active stocks, most stocks tumbled and zoom was not sparred. Gap up 9% and tumbled 9% which totaled to 18% one night. I am pleased at least he still made profits and got out of the trade. Sometimes it's not about how fundamentally sound the company is, as long as the market momentum shift, everything will follow with the big trend. Looking to do the next trade with you soon.

Ron K - A Game Changer

Wednesday 27 January 2021

Ron K - Follow me for a Smooth Ride

It's another epic trade as I brought my clients for a smooth ride with me in the stock market. I won't share the stock name here except for one stock AMD, but when I finally finished the trade for the stock, I will then post more and everything to share on this blog. Well, it was so much effort and work scanning and picking the right stock. The insurmountable time and $$ spent on coffee, thinking and then knowing how to disseminate the information took out most of my time. Maybe I should just do it myself and not share with anyone but then so many wanted to follow me and hence I opened the door for some which I hand picked to follow my trades closely. Another good day another good rounds of profits made in just 1 day. I am aiming for smooth trades rather than bumpy rides and so now it's the time to bank the market while the iron is still hot!

Ron K - A Game Changer